Canon 7D EOS Ronford-Baker Tripods RED Prime Lenses
Arri 435 ES Moviecam Compact MKII BOLEX REX-5
ARRI 35-3C
Super 35mm PL Hand Crank
ARRI 35-3C Super 35mm PL Hand Crank
• 1982
• Made in Germany
• Super or regular 35mm format
• Variable speeds: Hand Crank - fps forward & reverse
• Single pin registration with 4 perferation film system
• Variable shutter 180, 172.8, 144, 135, 120, 105, 90 degree
• Variable shutter 75, 60, 45, 30, 15 degree
• 400 and 1000ft magazines
• High speed MOS
• PL mount
• 12V dual system
Super 35mm 3rd Generation
ARRI III Super 35mm 3rd Generation
• 1979
• Made in Germany
• Super or Regular 35mm format
• Speed: 4 - 125 fps forward & reverse
• 4 Perferation film system
• Shutter: 180, 172.8, 144, 135, 120 degrees
• Shutter: 75, 60, 45, 30, 15, 105, 90 degrees
• 400 and 1000ft magazines
• High speed MOS
• PL mount
• 24 V dual system
Super 35mm II C Hand Crank
ARRI 35-II C Super 35mm II C Hand Crank
• 1964
• Made in Germany
• 35mm Motion picture format
• Speed: 2 - 50 fps
• Shutter: fixed 165 - (B ver. 0 - 165 variable)
• Hand crank system
• CEI color tap inluded
• Variable frame rate forward & reverse
• Shutter: 165 degree
• Single pin registration
• 4 Perforation movement
• High speed MOS
• PL mount
35mm Nikon Mount POV Crash Camera
EYEMO CRYSTAL 35mm Nikon Mount POV Crash Camera
• 1925
• Crystal speeds 12, 15, 17, 143, 20, 24, 28, 30, 34. 40, 48 fps
• Crash housing (available on request)
• 165 Degree shutter
• Nikon mount
• Crystal motor
35mm Nikon Mount POV Crash Camera
EYEMO REFLEX 35mm Nikon Mount POV Crash Camera
• 1925
• Speeds 4 - 50 fps
• Crash housing (available on request)
• 165 degree shutter
• Nikon mount
• Reflex motor
Super 35mm MOS Package
ARRI 435 ES Super 35mm MOS Package
• 1995
• Made in Germany
• 1-150 fps forward & reverse
• 180° - 11.2° electronic variable shutter
• Extension eyepiece
• Color CCD video
• Arriglow ground glass
• RCU-1 (remote control unit)
• Heated eyepiece
• Balance plate - long & short rods
• Right hand grip, handle top
• 2 Power cables
• 2 30 volt batteries
An Incredibly Diverse Array of Lenses
We take extra special care of our lenses in order to ensure that your vision is captured with the highest quality possible. The OSC Camera House maintains a most extensive and diverse inventory of lenses, filters, adapters and mounts. Our facility is equipped with a full service camera preparation lab where lenses can be mounted, set and calibrated to perfection.
Digital Monitors, Media, & Audio
Check out our professional audio-video department complete with video packages, professional visual monitors, playback and the latest wireless video technology to fit all your digital cinematic needs. OSC's fine quality in the latest media, recorders and solid state/raid memory lead the way for all your projects, both big and small.
Electronic Equipment
OSC's Electronics allow major studios and filmmakers to build their camera packages with the necessary electronic components. From commercials, television series, features and music videos, we provide a complete range of services to custom fit each project. Check out our Preston FIZ III, CineTape and Digital to Analog Optical Electronics.
Mechanical Outfitting
With a large variety of cameras comes a need to appropriately outfit your optics with mechanical support. All of our mechanics are carefully maintained to meet today's professional camera standards. Our broad array of mechanical outfitting include ARRI's LMB-5 3rd stage, O'Connor O-Box w/ 138mm ring, Chrosziel super light 450W for DSLR and traditional ARRI MB-14 for 6x6 Grads, each having a specific place in your project.
Camera Support
In todays competitive film industry, the right support system is just as vital to a successful production as the cameras themselves. As cameras evolve, so do the supports that carry them allowing photographers to express their creativity using the latest techniques in the trade. That's why we pay special attention to maintaining one of the most diverse array of support systems in the Los Angeles film community.
Now you're playing with Power!
Whether shooting your production with unlimited electrical access or filming on a remote off-the-grid location, Old School Cameras will supply your cameras with all of the batteries, power cables and backups necessary for your creation. We carry a wide selection of top quality industry trusted batteries and accessories including Cine VCLX Anton Bauer Block Batteries for ARRI, ALEXA and RED EPIC camera systems.